Caroline Delieutraz / Susi Gelb / Vicente Hirmas

Jul 13th - Aug 16th, 2024
Opening / Jul 12th, 7PM

Caroline Delieutraz @caroline_delieutraz
Susi Gelb @susi_gelb
Vicente Hirmas @vicentehst

Serpentinite is a metamorphic rock that consists of serpentine minerals and is known for its snake-like, shimmering structure. The formal characteristics and iridescent colors of this stone can be found in the works of all three artists represented in the exhibition of the same name. The surface of Caroline Delieutraz‘s work „Seed 184“, for example, consists of an insectoid scale structure. Vicente Hirmas‘ „If you listen carefully“ shows a snake winding around prehistoric symbols. Several works in Susi Gelb‘s „Mnemonic“ series depict scaly skin, be it on snakes, a snake fruit or a pangolin.

Susi Gelb works with a variety of media, including sculpture, installation, video and photography. She often uses materials that are at home in science and technology, such as biopolymers, sensors and digital interfaces, and combines them with natural elements such as plants, water and organic matter. In her work series „Mnemonics“, Susi Gelb explores the concept of memory. She examines how memories are formed, stored and retrieved, drawing parallels between biological processes and technological storage systems. The exhibition also includes the work „Core 02“, which is reminiscent of a drill core as analyzed in climate research. A blue-green, diffuse light can be seen through a crack in the technical-looking sculpture.

A central theme in Caroline Delieutraz‘s work is the way in which digital technologies are changing our perception of reality, identity and community. Her works are characterized by a critical examination of the phenomena of the Internet. „Seed 184“ is part of a series of works in which Delieutraz uses the metaphor of the seed to reflect on origin and growth in the digital context. She plays with the idea that digital data can be planted and nurtured like seeds. In the „Trolls“ group of works, Delieutraz focuses on the phenomenon of internet trolls. The masks are the result of a dialog with the troll Aurélien and a collaboration with the designer Vincent Kimyon.Vicente Hirmas creates emotional connections between objects, materials and their functions. He works on his paintings and sculptures using elaborate manual processes and consciously opposes a more technical approach. This methodology leads to a form of embodied knowledge that connects thought and action. His artistic practice focuses on the process itself and incorporates various crafts such as carpentry, goldsmithing, sewing, painting and restoration. Through the use of these production techniques, different aesthetics are woven together to create a unique fabric. „Study for When Will Buildings Speak“ shows a network within whose layers woodcarving and painting are closely linked. „If you listen carefully“ is an open narrative, based on the Quipu, a South American knot script, and on symbolism from prehistoric history. The knot appears here as the smallest, repeated part of the web. „Unidentified Flying Object“ is reminiscent of a meteorite falling over a carved fingertip.

„Serpentinite“ shows works that use both ancient and high-tech techniques. All three artists simultaneously look to the future and past of human history and natural history with their works, opting for different artistic expressions ranging from traditional man-made techniques such as wood carving and sewing to machine-performed laser engraving and AI generation. Despite and because of this, there are overlaps in motifs and formal characteristics that relativize the characteristics of time and development and place them in relation to each other.