Call Alexander, he knows what to do

Stefan Jeske

Apr 29th - Jun 9th, 2023
Opening / Apr 28th, 7PM

Stefan Jeske's solo exbition "Call Alexander, he knows what to do" unifies works from the last 4 years. Jeske is someone who has developed his own vocabulary both in terms of definite symbols such as bones, coins or flowers being painted in his own specific way as well as a certain disposition that is pertaining his works. This atmosphere, while hard to pinpoint down, consists of humoristic and sometimes naive elements as well as certain almost abysmal elements.

The title of the show is calling back to a piece that is also included: "Call Alexander, he knows what to do" from 2019. On the painting, there is a big black knot in the center on brown background, surrounded by manifold hands that are pointing roughly in its direction. Everybody seems to have the solution, nobody manages to solve it but the discussion goes on.